“Zero stomach ” diet

David Zinkzenco spoke about the secrets of diet that lose 7 kg in 2 weeks which  took part in the best seller list of The New York Times newspaper.

He told that it is quite possible to get rid of extra fat in stomach  and belly  with this diet.
David Zinkzenco lost his father because of obesity problems.  He himself had to fight against obesity when he was teenager.  He made researches during 20 years over obesity causes.  His :Zero Stomach: diet was experimented  with 500 suffers of obesity. 80 percent of them could lose 7 kg . Their belly area got 7.5 cm slimmer.


Best feature of the diet is not to have hard rules. David just want you to follow rules during 14 days.
Do exercise before breakfast . Walk slowly at least for 30 minutes.
Eat oatmeal for breakfast .
Eat red vegetables during the day .
Eat avocado .
Eat eggs.
Drink 2 liter of water mixed with 2-3 slices of orange or lemon .
Opt for meal rich in protein , fiber during the day.
Do exercise for 10 minutes every night.
Eat dark chocolate when you want sweet .
Eat gold fish.
Eat lean, simple salads before meals .



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