Vegetable salad -Easy recipe


2 Beetroots

2 Carrots

2 potatoes

2 Cucumber pickle

100 grams of pickled cabbage

1 red onion

100 grams of green peas (canned)

2 eggs

Oil and parsley for taste

Preparing :

Boil carrot ,potato and egg . After a while they cool down peel them. Cut beetroot, pickled cucumber and red onion into small quadratic pieces.

Add canned green peas and pickled cabbage over it.

Grate boiled potato and eggs through big holes of the grater and add them too.

Pour oil over the salad and mix them .

Scrub oil into the plastic crockery to prevent salad to cling on the crockery.

Pour the salad into the crockery and press over it. Put it in the fridge for 30 minutes to be ready .

You can prepare flowers from carrot and beetroot to decorate the salad while the salad cools down.

Cut and place carrots as you see on the picture below.

Then fold these circles like on the photo and place on the salad. Make beetroot flowers the same way too.

Good appetit !


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