Unknown benefits of pasta

The usual meal of university students pasta has a lot of good sides. .
Here are some of them ..

Pasta is very rich product in necessary vitamins and minerals for body .

Paste is on the second place after bread among pastry for importance  in nourishing and production amount.
Pasta of high quality have golden colour and when it is broken reveals dry and exact sound.

Here are the benefits of pasta rich in A, B1, B2, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and protein :

Oil-free . As it contains very low oil (1- 1.5 %) has the lowering effect for cholesterol .

Pasta is a basic food for those  who are preparing for a race or show, so all those who are deal with physical work .

Pasta is very satisfying meal ,but also has the content of all necessary vitamins and minerals for body .

If pasta is not used extremely it would not gain weight .

Reduces risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

It can be cooked together with  meals such as cheese, vegetable , mushroom ,mince .
Pasta has many sorts .

And do you like meals made of pasta ??

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