Sedentary work (office workes’s ) diet

Menu- for 5 days – you can choose any of them

We advice  coffee or tea : with non fat milk , but without sugar is better.  Drinking a glass of non fat milk, or yogurt would be great .


Menus to choose :
2 Slices of rye bread with butter , 2 slices of ham, 2 red radish .
1 slice of brown bread with butter , leeks and cucumber with 100 g of cottage cheese.
1 warm or well boiled egg, 1 slice of bread with butter, 1 tomato.
2slices of rye bread with butter , 2 slices of cheese, 2 red radish .
Whole grain bread with butter, cotton cheese or 1 tbsp of jam .
What snacks to take to work ?

1 apple: 1pear : 1 small banana : 2 carrots.

Vegetable salad : Cu cucumber , pepper , some red radish and 150 g of light feta cheese and add salt -pepper .
Fish salad : 150 g of tunes fish,  well boiled egg, tomato and onion. Pour oil, cut all ingredients and add salt and pepper.
Chicken salad : 100 g of fried file , pineapple and apple slices, 3 tbsp of conserved corns, 2 plums.

Dinner – remember to have at home .

Rice with vegetables: 2 grated carrot, cut onion and tomato will be cooked in oil. Add 150 g of fish and cook it then add salt and pepper.
Pasta and sauce : Boil 100 g of pasta,  and add tomato paste with 2 tsp of onion and garlic .


1. Eat breakfast at home. Take light snacks to work not to feel hungry at work.
2.Eat salad or healthy soup for the lunch .
3. Have the main meal after work at home  . If you work till late hours,  take some time to go to a restaurant or pub.  Eat slowly don’t hurry. Enjoy every piece like the  French.  They also drink fruit juice or eat fruit before sleeping.
4.Don’t miss meal hours,  because if you are really very hungry you will eat much at once.
5.Don’t forget to do exercise.  You can even move when you are at work.:  move shoulders, bend , move the head and stretch neck . Walk around the office , visit workmates too.


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