Get slimmer with volley tea

For some sayings, ancient Indians  used to se volley tea to prevent obesity .  Experts also claim that it is possible to lose weight with this tea . Volley even burns fat faster than green tea  . But how does it do that ?

  1.  Volley seed causes you to burn more calories during the day as it accelerates metabolism .
    2. The elements in the seed reduces appetite , you begin to eat less .
    3. Volley seed cleanse the blood. It improves the work of the liver and  helps  to remove the fat faster than before.
    4. Volley gives the effect of detox . So it cleanse body removing toxins .It causes you to feel yourself more light and slimmer.
    5.  Volley is also diuretic . Like other diuretic  things  volley provides to look slimmer by reducing swelling in the body .
    6.  Volley causes body to secrete more melatonin hormone .  This hormone regulates sleeping regime.  Experiments show that those who take a sleep of 8 hours  is slimmer.
    Volley contains various vitamins and minerals.  Volley tea doesn’t only help you to lose weight but also helps you to feel more healthy .  What to do to take advantage of volley tea ?

The best way is to brew volley and drink it as tea.  Boil1 liter of water . Turn off the fire and add 2 tbsp of dried volley ( or some fresh volley) into boiling water.  Cover the pan.  You can drink it 3-4 times a day.
It can cause allergy on some people.  So take advice of your doctor before drinking this tea  .

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