Benefits of banana

Banana is a good choice for those with low appetite to get energy.
Massage to face with mashed banana makes skin soft and moisturized .
It is rich in tryptophan  amino acid. This acid turns into serotonin . It is good to eliminate depression .
Banana puree made with honey and vanilla helps hair to get soften .
Men can rise  the possibility of being father by eating banana every 3 days .
Banana is rich in fibers, good for constipation.


Banana prevents to look old.
It is a perfect fruit for anemia suffers. It is rich in iron that regulates hemoglobin level.
Scrubbing banana peel on the area beaten by insects  helps to eliminate redness and swelling.

It is good for those who gave up smoking. B6, B12 vitamins in banana help to forget the need of nicotine who gave up smoking recently.
It helps to be protected from  heart diseases .

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