Advices for perfect photoshoot



Don’t stand in the center while having taken  photo , stand 2 steps on the left or right side.
Stand to 45 degrees to camera lens and turn your head.
Don’t put your legs on one line, put one leg a bit before than the other one .
Pull your stomach, get good posture for chests , upright your head a bit, but try to be relax and don’t forget to breathe .
Ask the photographer to bend a bit and shoot you from below it would show your legs longer and slim.

If you are having taken photo while sitting then turn a bit and put your leg on another .
Don wait when the “bird flies”, be relaxed and smile .
Ask the photographer to take your photo 2 times. Change your looking, pose and facial expression and smile . You will be able to choose the best cadre .

Sometimes try in front of the mirror to find out which foreshortening fit you best  and do the same in front the camera .



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