8 Reasons to use vinegar every day

Vinegar is not only a sauce for soups , salads !  Did you know the benefits of vinegar both to your hair, skin and home too ? Additionally , celebrities as Miranda Kerr and Megan Fox started the fashion about to drink vinegar .
Here are 8 tested and proven benefits of vinegar :

1. You can use vinegar to rinse your hair after washing your hair . It strengthens hair roots and give hair brightness .

2.  Natural apple cider vinegar regulates the ph balance of the skin . Apply cotton soaked in natural vinegar instead of using tonic . You can do it after washing your face at nights and after applying moisturizer on your face in the mornings .  Light compress of apple cider vinegar helps to eliminate aging spots on skin and acne scars .

3.  To whiten your teeth apple cider vinegar can be used to brush  , then rinse your mouth with water
4.  It helps to heal sunburns quickly . Adding a cup of vinegar into your bath and staying in for 10 minutes can eliminate the  bothering feeling of sunburns .

5. To control your weight add 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar into about half liter of water . Drink the vinegar water during the day little by little .  You can get rid of extra weight in case of drinking it daily .

6. Apple cider vinegar helps to remove toxins from the body . Researches show that apple cider vinegar helps cardiovascular  system and  eliminates hepatic toxins .

7.  If you add 2 tbsp of vinegar into the water you are cleaning greeneries there will be no sign of soil any more .  And it provides easy washing .

8.  Use of chemical and not natural products in daily life can be replaced with vinegar to clean different things at home . You can provide apple odor in your toilet and bathroom by cleaning them with apple cider vinegar . Let the vinegar to linger for one day . Mix a glass of water with half glass of vinegar  and you can use it to clean microwave oven, windows , glasses and other different parts of home .

Remember  : Be careful in intake of vinegar .  Take measures before using it to drink  .

Apple cider vinegar in glass bottle, selective focus

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