Easy salad recipe


1 jar of canned fish

4 eggs

2-3 Potato

1 large carrot
1 onion

5-6 tablespoons of mayonnaise

Fennel 1-2 for decoration

Salt for  taste

How to prepare :

Peel the potato after boiling it, then cut in quadratics  . Filter canned fish and mash them with a fork .

Boil egg and carrots . Grate the carrots . Cut onion into small pieces .

Put small cut potato to the plate , spread some salt and apply thin layer of mayonnaise .

Then add small chopped onion over it.

Add the fish mashed with fork then .

After adding fish add boiled and grated carrot

Grate egg white like in the photo .

Scrub mayonnaise over carrots .

Grate egg yolks through small holes of grater .

Add egg whites over the salad and apply mayonnaise then .

Then add grated egg yolks over it and  press with your hand and decorate with fennel .

The salad is ready .

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